The Urban Urgency Team

Zach Henderson
Chief Executive Officer

Former engineer and leading IT innovator, Zach found early success in his passion for real estate as his student-turned-landlord side project evolved into continued success that outpaced his other professional endeavors.

After coming to the conclusion that his calling lay in the complex world of creative real estate investing, and with growing frustration at the lack of opportunities and investment models available to the general public, Zach created Urban Urgency, a technology platform designed to support real estate entrepreneurs and fit the needs of the modern real estate investor.

With over a decade exploring a diverse assortment of real estate investment models, developing tools and processes to scale operations, and coaching others through real estate journeys, Zach quickly understands the goals of his partners and develops a tailored approach to their investing needs by challenging conventional wisdom and staying ahead of the curve.

Susan Grayson
Managing Director

Susan’s enthusiasm for ensuring a high-quality customer experience paired with her passion for seeing properties transform into their true potential present the ideal partner for your real estate investment projects. ¬†Susan has over 20 years of experience in creating win-win relationships, and project/program management

Connor Ryan
Executive Director

Growing up with the booming Dallas, TX housing market armed Connor with a lifetime of real estate awareness, which was further honed by a degree in real estate finance and over 5 years in the real estate market.

After diving into an exploration of both residential and commercial real estate, Connor discovered that life can get in the way of property owners and investors. His passion for managing teams led him to help develop the systems and processes needed for residential and commercial project management.