All of our pricing plans include the following:

  • Project plan creation and budget and decision trackers to set up success from day
  • Weekly overviews and monthly reports for investors to track key metrics.
  • Budget tracking and bookkeeping to ensure your accounting flows seamlessly.
  • Multiple weekly check-ins to keep you apprised of next steps and outstanding decisions that must be made.
  • Access to our strategic partners to help with any aspect of the real estate transaction process – tax, legal, accounting, brokerage, property management, and more.

Small Project

$4,000- $6,000

1-2 Months
This can be anything from a kitchen renovation to a full rental turn with improvements, minor flip rehabs, and value-add additions for a traditional buy/sell. Flipping a property with mostly cosmetic needs? Are you a realtor with a buyer that just hates the bathroom tile and wants new floors and paint before moving in? Selling a property and have minor renovation needs to get top dollar? Within days we can have a full plan in place and contractors lined up to meet your budget and timeline.

Medium Project

$7,500- $12,000

2-5 Months
This can be anything from a major overhaul on your 2500 sq. ft. project to structural improvements and expansive rehab on a property. Does your upcoming project require not only the touch inside but a new exterior facade, landscaping, and drive/walkway repairs? These projects are typically a bit larger in scale and have more dependencies and scheduling needs. We work up a full plan and begin scheduling immediately to get the project off the ground quickly and reduce hold times.

Large Project


5+ Months
Looking at a full gut and flip? This can be anything from a total, to-the-studs project to major additions on a property, architectural redesign, and anything else you can conceive on a major project. Projects of this scale often require creative scheduling and intense oversight to maximize productivity and reduce downtime and delays. We will work closely with you at each stage of design and keep you updated with on-time, on-budge metrics that can make or break a deal.

We created this service to help real estate entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals do more deals. Our mission is to help you increase your volume by taking on the execution and day-to-day activities associated with your projects. As with any service, when the volume goes up, the system becomes more efficient. When you’re ready to grow beyond a single project, we work with you to create a pricing structure that best fits your needs and budget.

*The pricing plans for Small, Medium, and Large projects are for the initial idea of potential project cost and that Urban Urgency will determine pricing based on our analysis of your project needs. Actual project cost estimates are determined during the initial consultation.